Step Back In Time at Our Popcorn Shop

Pick out some of our popcorn samples to try in Abilene, TX

When you walk into Texas Family Popcorn, you'll be blown away by the varieties of popcorn available. You can try classic flavors like extra butter movie popcorn, cheddar, caramel, or go for something more unusual, like garlic.

Don't worry- you won't have to go into any purchase blindly. Feel free to try our popcorn samples so you can make an informed decision. Whether you're coming inside or using our convenient drive-thru, you can count on receiving excellent customer service.

Call 325-232-8880 today to learn more about our popcorn samples in Abilene, TX.

Shop for all kinds of snack food at Texas Family Popcorn

Shop for all kinds of snack food at Texas Family Popcorn

Jerky and popcorn are our specialties, but they aren't all we sell. You'll also be able to purchase:



  • Protein bars
  • Taffy
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Jellybeans









You'll love our storefront, which is modeled after every grandma's kitchen. There are taffy buckets everywhere full of sweet, chewy candy. Our old-fashioned stoves, tubs and cabinets really give the place an old-timey feel.
Bring your family in and have a look around. We also have a soda fountain and old-fashioned soda pop chilling in the icebox.
Visit the store today to check it out for yourself.